10 Ways to Turn Your Soda Cans Into Amazing Things

Are you a soda lover? Do you drink a great deal of soda? Odds are you have a ton of soda cans lying around the house. Regardless of the possibility that you commonly reuse those cans for money, there are things that you can do to turn those soda cans into amazing things that are far superior to getting a couple of pennies for them when you sell them.

We discovered 10 ways of turning your soda cans into something and usable items in the house, whether it is for decorative purposes or personal use purposes.

What is the best part of this? These are all simple to do ventures that are so much fun and will make you anticipate turning the next pack of soft drinks, but these 10 ways will become a start of your soda can adventures.

Table Pendant Lamp

This exquisite light is produced using the tabs of the used soda cans. It’s certainly exceptional thus very ravishing. Envision having this hanging in the family room or even in your bedroom. It’s adaptable and very simple to make. You’ll require many soda can tabs, so unless you drink huge amounts of soda each week, you might need to have your loved ones help you to assemble the tabs for this little do-it-yourself craft.


These hanging lanterns are ideal on your house yard especially when it’s already night. Envision making them hang outside amid your late spring parties! A tea light finishes the look or you could even smolder a citronella flame on the off chance that you need amid the hotter months. These are so natural to make, similar to all the soda can tasks. Turning your soda cans into lamps will add the ideal provincial touch to the yard or porch.

Flower Decorations

These tin flowers are made from your used soda cans. Turning used soda cans into flower decorations is an ideal approach to spruce up your yard or grass this spring. We assure you that it’s easy and you can make them by yourself or with the help of a friend. These decorations have such a magnificently vintage feel about them. You’ll cherish that they are so easy to make and the result is magnificent. You truly simply remove the top and afterward cut them vertically to make the flower shapes. At that point, paint them your most loved spring colors and you’re good to go!

Soda Can Wreath

If its fall time on your area, this do-it-yourself craft is perfect for you! Whether you’re searching for a fall wreath, need something for the Holidays, or you incline toward a spring colored improvement in your bedroom or gate, you can make a wonderful wreath with your used soda cans. You can create a pre-winter wreath that is loaded with delightful leaves, however, you can cut flowers too or whatever else from your cans to redo the wreath for the season. Make an alternate one for each season! That would be pretty amazing too!

Pencil Holders

Cut the finish off those soda cans lying around your garage and utilize them to make these exceptional and extremely helpful pencil holders. Children will worship finishing these, or envision what an awesome blessing they would make for a most loved teacher! Obviously, pencil holders are difficult to make, as well as the majority of soda-can-turn-into-amazing-things activities. But we assure you that these pencil holder soda cans can be completely tweaked and enhanced anyway you need. Secured with stopper, they’re flexible thus delightful!

Key Chains

Are you a fan of keychains? Do you love making one for friends and your younger siblings? You know young people will love a keychain with the logo of their most loved pop! Envision the graduation or birthday presents you can make. These keychains are so cute and simple to make. Whether you’re making them for yourself or somebody else, you are certain to light up your street trips when you keep your auto keys on a soda can keychain.

Refrigerator Flower Magnets

Envision sprucing up your refrigerators and coolers with these charming flower magnets and of course made from your most loved soda cans. You can leave these plain with their own particular colors for a more vintage look or paint them on the off chance that you need to truly be imaginative. Regardless where you go, they’re the ideal expansion to your kitchen or office and will delightfully hold your papers and letters set up. Isn’t it cute?

Soda Tin Box

This beautiful box can be utilized as a gift for a loved one or only to keep on a table for style. It’s anything but we admit that it’s difficult to make however, it makes extraordinary utilization of those unfilled soda cans and can store knickknacks or gems or whatever you have that you have to cover up away in a beautiful box. Decorate it or abandon it as it seems to be. You can make different boxes from your used soda cans and have something as a gift or simply brightening up any room in the house.

Ornamental Butterflies

This flawless butterfly designs made from soda cans is impeccable in case you’re searching for a simple craft that will right away welcome warmth and spring-like components into your style. The butterflies catch daylight and give the whole range a warm gleam. Envision having delightful butterflies gracing your yard or patio. This is a simple craft obviously, and one that will bring you numerous days of happiness while you sit outside and look at your creation.

Soda Wind Chimes

Are you planning to buy wind chimes? Wouldn’t you simply love to sit outside and listen to the sound a wind chime brings? Good new, you can make a soda wind chime from your used soda cans! The sound of soda wind chime alone is justified regardless of the effort you gave in this craft, which is we assure you really simple. It’s additionally a beautiful wind chime that you can alter and improve anyway you need. Disregard paying a fortune for wind chimes on the market and utilize those soda cans you have to make one for nothing.